Essence of Life

Sir Muhammad Iqbal

Sir Muhammad Iqbal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life transends above simple gain and loss

It is sacred and is laid down for a sacred cause

Epic and era fall short of its measure

Eco and resonance eternal is its treasure

Being the trustee of creators breath

Boldly but humbly mold your life on earth

Let the Gracious Lord touch your thoughts and missions

Then create your own world that you envision

The stressful life of a miserable query labor

Acquiant’s you with the life’s stark flavor

Toiling hard, lifting loads from dawn to dusk

Earning bread to keep body and soul together

Mighty souls chained and shackled soon wither away

Delicate ones free of bondage soon grow into an ocean way

Not all men however strong are truly alive

But only those who win,conquer and survive


Translation of a Poem Written by:Sir Allama Mohammad Iqbal (Poet, Philosopher, Politician of Pakistan)


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