A ‘Birds’ eye view

Taken by me, this picture shows the signature ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once i was visiting my grandma’s house during vacations.I was always fascinated by nature.I believe this love affair was inherited from my father who was an avid nature lover.Every morning grandma used to water plants in the garden and in the planters, because the gardener had taken off for a week, and she loved her plants enough to stand in scortching heat and that too at her age(she was in her 90’s) and look after them.It was her, from where my mother’s gardening interests were genetically transferred from.We used to watch grandma and at times strolled in the garden accompanying her while she nourished her plants.I often wondered why she feels so satisfied after looking after them?What kind of satisfaction she derived from it?

Angry Birds

Angry Birds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There were pots of plants on both sides from the garage to the gate, which was a little far.There were a few planters that were attatched to the garage wall, a little high,above our heads.Grandma was a really tall lady, but even she needed to raise her arms above her head to water them.They did looked really cool there though, because the garage was preety roomy and spacious, with ample of sunlight lighting it from both ends.Wish i had a snap of the place to post along.She loved her plants to death, never let anyone touch them, except the gardener.While he was away, she never abandoned them, even for a single day!During our stay till the gardener was back,we saw her watering them, or just looking at them feeling pleased.She derived life from them!

Credits:Isabelle Bart

One day in the morning just as i finished breakfast, daddy called me and said:”Let me show you something”.I followed him into the garage, he took one of the planters off the wall and bravo – i saw a sparrow’s nest,with four cute lil bird chicks in it!It was a remarkable sight!We never knew grandma’s garden is a breeding incubator too!I had never seen a bird’s nest that closely before!They were chirping eagerly,for food probably or probably because they were scared.Their eyes were closed and had grown just a few feathers on them.Daddy said he could hear them chirping close by in the premises of the house early morning and started hunting for them,and there were them, little darlings!Life is often food where least expected!

In the next few days, me and my cousins used to surround the nest watching them chirping at us.Later daddy pointed out that the mommy birdie was around, sitting on a pole wire, and is looking preety cautious,and that maybe mommy’s gonna take them along in the morning.

He was right!Sadly that was the last we saw of the newly hatched birdies.But i learnt many things from the flock, i learnt life, from a bird’s eye view.I found out that:

* Life is flourishing, no matter how much we try to create hinderances, it comes through.Cutting trees didn’t prove fatal to life, for now its found at awkward but rewarding places.

Credits:Jasper Greek Lao Golangco

Credits:Jasper Greek Lao Golangco

*Whether it’s us humans, or animals,or birds…..the mother’s never falter in showering love!

*Life is beautiful, all of its stages are unique, and enjoyable.They were looking cute hairless,and they would have been a beauty when they grew.

*Everything happens for a reason!Granny used to shower them with cold water, which helped them sustain in the heat.God creates ways for us when we are determined!

Florisuga mellivora at a bird feeder, Panama

A bird feeder at Panama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*God protects life,no matter how contrary the circumstances.

*We can become helping hands of nature.

*Our gardens should be more welcoming, appealing and accomodating for bird breeding, providing them a better habitat than the barren empty forests … tsk tsk!.

*We should place bird baths & bird feeders in our gardens especially during hot summers, also caused by our global warming and destructing efforts!

A fountain on a bird bath, with flowers.

A fountain on a bird bath, with flowers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*How preety the facade will look, if it has a few beautifully colored cozy bird houses?

*Birdwatching can be a useful hobby, and heart-warming experience, whether with or without binoculars, whether in a natural or artificial habitat!

*Shooting birds for fun doesn’t count, what counts and is fun too is shooting them through a cam and count them afterwards easily!(Humor article is kindda discovering comical expressions within me, see its possible,try it out!)

* Loving plants IS loving nature, the animal kingdom …. fowls!

*Flora and fauna in the premises of our houses can keep our grey-haired lovable elders active, busy,beaming and chirpy!

The actual reason which reminded me of this beautiful interaction with a family of birds was that recently, two pigeons have built their nest in our apartment building’s vent window.Its close to the stairs, so the kids are swelled with joy when they pass by it.

Reminded me of my journey of compassion.Every night, i switch off the light that’s directly above the window.No artificial lights to hatch the eggs please!


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