Mom – Metaphor for Compassion

Credits:Gabriella Fabbri

She held me close to her, hugged me and kissed me

She touched me gently and kissed my forehead

She carried me in her arms and did all the chores of the house

She kept me warm, and to do so woke up in chilly nights running barefoot fetching me milk

She called to me, whenever i was in the dark, cause she knew i’ll be afraid

She taught me with love, made my tiny to giant wishes possible

I saw her caressing my stresses whole night i was ill, staying awake keeping me in her lap

I grew up looking at her wet face in prayer, i felt the strength of her relationship with God

I asked her :Why you cry mama?, she said nothing…looking at me lovingly

I tested her patience, whenever i had a broken toy, she would always know how to fix it

She was in agony when i was hurt, strong when i had to take injections for my betterment

She caught me before i fell, and still didn’t let me develop the fear of falling

All the night i held tighty to her hand, and said:”You awake mama?” and in deep sleep she replied:”Yes dear, don’t worry, i am with you, now go back to sleep”.

All the while she was larger than life, she was my tooth fairy, my well-wisher, my angel in disguise

Her warm smile gave me confidence, her bright eyes looked upon me with pride

Her lovely face gave me courage to face the world, her presence my strength

Her stories at night taught me lessons, gave me imagination, made me dream

Her wise eyes sensed my feelings before they arised, thoughts before they were woven in words

She is my institution of morality, mannerism, conduct, life

She is my beacon of hope, knowledge, wisdom, experience

She is my gateway to life, she brought me here, I have lived my life through her guidance

She is a prism, who makes plain life full of colors, she is the guardian,who only lets good tidings come my way

Now i am walkinng in her footsteps of motherhood, and all the questions seemed to be answered one by one

The questions i asked her,’Why mama?Why are you unique, why do i love you more than the rest?’

Now, i know why, why she was different….cause she endured, she was a mother!

I try to be like her, but i know i can never be , she is the origin of a waterfall, and i am the stream which has collected all the water within, and now is transferring it into a river

Sometimes i think, what will happen the day water runs dry, how can a stream survive without the waterfall, how can she keep the river going

I dread that forbidden day, what is a shadow without it’s form?

And then i see, similar forms around me, similar shiny eyes, same loving grins, exactly same beaming faces

And then i realize…….all moms are alike!

Wherever they’ll be, God will always be kind to them

They nurture life, and plant it deep within us, they help it grow with their sunshine beaming smile and water of love

Their teachings, upbringing, love, and concern will always confine us

Protect us, allure us, their charisma will never fade……

They will stay forever within us, within life!!!


And To All The Mother’s Of The World….To All MY Mothers….

May we be able to take care of you the way you took care of us!We Love You!


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