What is it like being a Mother???

“The hand that rocks the cradle
Is the hand that rules the world.”
– W. R. Wallace

My experience of being a mother twice is so beautiful, that i feel i am on top of the world after motherhood.Life is so meaningful.It’s true that it’s a huge responsibility to bring life to this world, and a much greater responsibility of raising it.Starting with the baby blues,  sleepless nights, hectic trips and visits, running after toddlers, keeping their crawly paws as well as the house clean and child safe, the cords, plugs , knifes tucked at places from where you can never find them again, early schooling, emotional and behaviour adjustments,this fun ride has everything you do or don’t ask for….

“By and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacationless class.”
– Anne Morrow Lindbergh 

But, it’s all worth it, every bit of it.Their cute smiles when we hold them in our hands for the first time washes away the pain, their tears melt our hearts, their sweet first words, first steps, childhood assets of photographs, everything gives us more than we ask for or imagined…

I have always been an advocate of attachment parenting, and have also practiced it.My grounds for advocating it are that nature has bound mothers to nurse and feed her kids by default.Who are we to take away this need due to any reasons or responsibilities?Apart from a few genuine cases where mothers are at risk because they are ill, i cannot find any other convincing grounds to deprive a child from his/her right.I advocate co-sleeping of parents with the kids also, because a child feels safe with them, and i had no problems what so ever in raising both my kids that way.A baby’s biological system is identical to his/her mother’s, also a mother carries her child in her womb which is divine decision, for kids develop attachment and closeness to their parents especially mother.It occurs so that a child is taken care of and given a sense of protection and attachment, especially during the early years of life.I do not tend to disagree with all those who don’t accept this theory of Dr. Sears, but i have my practice to rely on.

I do believe in disciplining a child,with love.I had to become the disciplinarian to create harmony and balance with my hubby’s permissive parenting.I just pray that whatever methods of parenting we adopt, we are able to parent effectively, and our kids grow up to become good, successful, happy, compassionate human beings who have sound and strong moral, emotional,physical,mental and ethical foundations.That’s what every parent and every mother aims for, and that is the sole purpose of parenting and motherhood.

Today, my son returned from school with this beautiful writing for his mom on Mother’s Day.My daughter, well she put her part in it when my son showed it to us.She took it from his hands and kissed my portrayal he had made.MADE MY DAY!:)

I cannot say if i am a GOOD mother or a NOT SO GOOD mother.I only know one thing…..i am one!I enjoy every bit of it!It’s not what i boast or roar about, its not my pride, it’s my privilege!

Today on this Mother’s Day, a very dear friend and relationship during childbirth and after swinging between life and death, barely making it to life and unable to utter words at all, clenched a notepad and wrote on it:“I WANNA SEE MY DAUGHTER”.That to me is the utmost definition of a motherly love!Please pray for her recovery….

I want every woman to complete herself, to accomplish motherhood, because that’s what she is made for….but it doesn’t mean that women who cannot be mother’s are not mothers.Motherhood is an asset we are blessed with on birth…those of us who are not mother’s in the literal sense are able to raise kids in foster care, and orphanages as good as a mother can.They adopt and raise noble spirited souls…

I truly believe in the quote:

“Men are what their mothers made them”.     –  Ralph Waldo Emerson

I desire to raise my boy as a gentleman, who honors and respects women, because what good a mother can bring if she cannot teacher her boy to respect her as a woman, and to respect woman as a mother?

For my daughter,i believe to preserve her gentleness and innocence, with confidence and wisdom to face the world one day as another incubator of life.

“A mother laughs our laughter,
Sheds our tears,
Returns our love,
Fears our fears.
She lives our joys,
Cares our cares,
And all our hopes and dreams she shares.”
– Julia Summers

For me,as a mother, i wanna be one of whom Napoleon dreamed for France:

“Let France have good Mothers, and she will have good sons”.    –  Napoleon I

This Mother’s Day, i wanna dedicate the day to those mother’s who cannot be a mother, but they still are, and to Mothers-to-be!!!



2 thoughts on “What is it like being a Mother???

    • Aww Thanks Dear Sharon, another remarkable mother
      I always miss you and wait for the two days you visit your blog.
      The video…Ah IT WAS A TREAT!
      I ACTUALLY took out time on my own with silence and tea accompanying me, i never thought i will be holding the cup in my hands throughout the clip….Hehehe
      The perspectives of both the youth with it’s originality and imagination,as well as the experienced with loads of words of wisdom and compassion touched my heart.Made me feel good.
      If we allow our eyes to pause a while and enjoy nature, allow it to cross through our hearts and touch them, our hearts will blow out gratitude.And gratitude gives beauty to our eyes again multiplied,and happiness to our own self and everyone around us.Gratitude is a feeling of contentment, which comes only after we learn to appreciate God’s creations and how He has blessed us.Gratitude blows out of our hearts just like we blow a dandelion and it spreads around us, showering happiness, making us exuberant.Gratitude is a wonderful feeling!:)

      Thanx buddy, you always bless us with beautiful enjoyable moments of amazement.
      I wish for you the contentment of gratitude….love and hugs❤❤❤

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