4 thoughts on “The Story of Human Apathy

  1. What a powerful message. I’m stunned. Amazing though isn’t it that the ones who actually did pick up on the beauty and genius of the music were all children. With hearts drawn to the actual mastery displayed and not the context it was supposed to be played in. Thank you so much my dear for this excellent, excellent post. It somehow wiped off a bit of dust from my own eyes and heart as I go out each day. I will remember this post for a very, very long time. I will share this with my family and I’m sure it will touch them deeply too. May we never fail to recognise beauty and the light of a master no matter what form it takes. God bless you and many hugs!!! Shaz

    • Hey Shaz, you also noticed the same aspect of the post which i did!Kids have their inner eye still intact, not blinded by the world and it’s artificiality.They are much more pure than us, therefore they can sense and feel purity and beauty much quickly than us!
      I have also learnt alot from this post, we need glasses for our inner eyes!Take care dear ☼ ☼ ☼

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