I Asked…

I asked God for strength that I might achieve,



I was made weak, that I might learn humbly to obey. . .

I asked for health, that I might do greater things,

I was given infirmity, that I might do better things. . .

I asked for riches that I might be happy,

I was given poverty that I might be wise. . .

I asked for power, that I might have the praise of men,

I was given weakness that I might feel the need of God. . .

I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life,

I was given life, that I might enjoy all things. . .

I got nothing that I asked for-

but everything I had hoped for,

Almost despite myself,

my unspoken prayers were answered.

I am among all men most richly blessed.




8 thoughts on “I Asked…

    • Thank you for reading my post…i love it too! I encourage everyone to follow their hopes, dreams and aspirations.We should keep in mind that if we are blessed with the opposite, it is because maybe we need it, and also because maybe it’s in our betterment.We must leave it with the one who is the best judge of our needs.Sometimes we have to wait too in order to obtain our wishes.After sometime when we look back at what life has blessed us with, we are contented and do not complain, because every experience helps us grow, whether it is according to our wishes or not.
      May you grow and achieve all your hopes and dreams ๐Ÿ™‚ Take Care!

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