My first Blog Award – Nominated by Sharon(

I AM so SORRY Sharon Dear, it’s dis-courteous causing delay in accepting this honor which you have granted me long ago.Actually, i was new to blogosphere and i wanted to get acquainted with blogs and to get the hang of it…

In accepting this award:

1.Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pass the award to 7 nominees.

Sharon was the very first blogger who appreciated my posts, joined my blog and whose blog i was able to read for the first time.She continues to inspire me, and in many ways we have similarities between us as well, our opinions and thoughts seem to match on various subjects.I thank you Sharon, from the core of my heart, not only because you have nominated me for this award, but also because your posts, photography, sensitivity and courage, all have impressed me, and you will always be very close to my heart.I do wish the very best for you in life.The gentle, kind person you are, that’s very much likely, for God never led down goodness.It’s always paid back doubled! Love, hugs and prayers for you and your family after this emotional speech! ㋡

7 Things About Me:

*I am a true Libran, don’t mess with the scales please!!!

*I regard emotions, art, creativity, words of wisdom and virtue.

*I am an optimist!Hope is the last of what i will lose…

*I love nature and animals, the beauty,sincerity, peace, love and faithfulness they bless me with is irreplaceable!

*Since childhood i’m addicted to comics….Hi & Lois, Beetle Bailey and the Family circus is all time favorites…

*I love reading books and poetry.My most favorite authors nowadays are Paulo Coelho and Nicholas Sparks.William Arthur Ward is regarded as one of the best writers by me.My favorite poets, ahhh the list is long, works of a few is posted on my blogs too, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Sara Teasdale, Maya Angelou, Edwin Markham……

*I love music, pop, rock and metal being the most favorite genres.Some of my favorite musicians and bands are: Roxette, Scorpions, Metallica,Bon Jovi, U2, Eagles, Collective Soul, Foreigner, Def Lappard, Gun’s n Roses, Journey, AHA, Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Claypton, Reo Speedwagon, Lionel Richie, Anngun, Bryan Adams, Micheal Bolton, Micheal Jackson (Miss Him!), Engelbert Humperdinck, Gary Moore, Whitney Houston (Sad to lose her!)….Oopss  i can go on and on with this one! 🙂

My nominations for this award:


I find EVERYTHING on her blog……Poetry, music, photography, and deep thoughts.As i said i love creativity, and i find it here in heaps.Especially poetry is worth publishing……THUMBS UP!


Motivational blog, which has so much to offer, experience, thoughts, actions, routes, it actually reveals the good and the bad of life, and makes living life worth while.I especially admire the self-struggle of Stephen and his long-distance running achievements across America

3. :

Rebekka’s blog has beautiful quotes, philosophies about life, and we also have alot in common, like social criticism,music and books 🙂 It has pretty images and brief posts which kick start your thoughts positively.Make my day whenever i read her blog!


Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual harmony is what i call this blog.It is an excellent place to grasp all, knowledge, info, music, quotes, brilliant thought – provoking words, philosophy, and spiritual uplifting.Every post is highly inspiring, written with great care and effort.


Full of wisdom,and deep thoughts, this blog was a treat for me to have stumbled upon.I find alot of similarities in the way the posts are written and formatted with my own posts, but of course Maher has written it with much more knowledge, experience and expertise about life and it’s various shades.I always have alot to learn from this blog.


Leigh’s blog is an insight to revealing life’s true meanings and purpose, a quest we all are on, but most are unsuccessful.I love her attitude towards life as she expresses it in her posts, her opinions about all the different dimensions of life.What really inclines me towards her posts is that she isn’t afraid to say and support the truth, which takes courage.


I can easily say that this is the blog which i don’t wanna miss reading.Art’s beautiful quote illustrations enhancing the beautiful short inspiring stories, which teach us quite a lot about our self as well as our thoughts and emotions and how to make the maximum from them.It is full of lessons of life, acquired after years of experience, and full of useful morals.The posts are written painstakingly and definitely deserve appreciation.


8 thoughts on “My first Blog Award – Nominated by Sharon(

  1. My dearest friend,

    I bless the day I found you…I remember so very clearly how excited I was to have found your blog and every word you wrote in your About resounded so closely to all that was dear in my own heart. I told my husband about you and how it warmed my heart to know that somewhere out there is a person whose heart throbs for the well-being of another fellow human being.

    I have known you over this time to be a person who stands up for justice. A woman whom no one is a stranger but a friend waiting to be made. Most of all, as a Mother who takes on this title with much dedication and pride and sacrifice. All that and more I see in you my dear one.

    Your blog is my all-time favourite and I always look forward to see what other gems you might be posting for us. Of all the things you have done, the most precious is your prayers for my family and me. Thank you for thinking of us with so much care and love.

    Aha, Reo Speedwagon, Anggun!! I love them too! 😀 We grew up in the same era it seems. And I too am a prisoner of Hope. Thank you for this lovely post, it made me gasp to see the beautiful message above. May all those who have the good fortune to come by this way leave with hearts full of compassion and spread it too.

    All my love,

  2. Compassionate Lady, I am honored by your nomination today! Thank you for your kind words about my blog, I appreciate them very much. It is certainly gratifying to know that you get something of value from what I write, and that you recommend my blog to others. Thank you very much! SB

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