On Father’s Day!!!

Sorry, for posting it late, past Father’s Day!

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He is my confidence….
One look at him and nothing could dither me
He is my strength….
When i took my first step, i looked around
I made sure he was around
Only he could catch me before i fall!
He is my disciplinary…
I am not at all what he is
He is my ideal…
I look upon him with all my trust
and hope that maybe one day i will be like him
He is my wisdom…
All my life every act or word of his
Was only in my betterment
I seeked refuge in his knowledge
To save me in troubled times
He is my mentor…
Every cell within me owe’s him after God
He is my teacher…
Of life, of love, of the world!
He taught me writing, drawing, maths
orating, leading, obeying….and what not?
He is the decesion maker…
We don’t care what he decides
He is always right, and we trust him!
He is the leader…
Of our home, our moralities
Our talents, our inspirations
He is his baby girl’s first love, , his baby boy’s ideal…
Daddy’s girl always loved him
He is my super hero…
I never find flaws in him even if they are!
He is my guide…
He never lets me loose my path
I hold onto him in the dark and bravo!
I am back on the track!
He is the equilibrium…
He finds commonalities amongst us
And shuns all differences
He is the blood that runs through our veins…
The bonding which has united us all for so long
He is an examplary…
Being the eldest how he raised his family
After grandfather’s death!
How he sacrificed and fought hardships
For his loved ones?
He is a symbol…
Of strength and pride,
Of honor and dignity
He is my encouragement…
In overcoming my fears,
In becoming fearless!
He is my smiles and grins
I am happy when he is!
He is my depth…
His silence speaks a thousand words
He is my identity…
I could only identify me through his existence
He is my morality…
His virtue and qualities influenced me
With every step, he proudly takes towards the setting sun of life
I realize in the tough walk of life how vital his presence is
Whenever i turn around in life with hope of taking refuge from miseries
I wish to find you there ready to comfort me, to raise me up
And afterwards, in the depths of my heart, to idealize and love
But above all, i wanna find me around you always,
To try and express my love, care and respect for you
To make your life fun,joyful and comfortable
To honor you for your efforts to make life as easy as possible!
You are and will always be most worthy of my respect & love Father…



2 thoughts on “On Father’s Day!!!

    • Those who have a father sure are lucky, those who don’t…have good memories of him, and those who don’t have good words for their fathers…well that doesn’t change the love and care they showered upon us, actions speak louder than words!!!
      Thanx for reading the post and admiring it 🙂

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