About Religious Intolerance and Religious Hate…


The world is becoming  a sad spectacle nowadays,ugly, inconsiderate, cruel.Since long, i have been seeing people respecting morality, values, customs, beliefs, ideals, but NEVER more than HATE and NOT ANYMORE.

Hate is a STRONG WORD infact it is a statement, which we use to describe anyone or anything and at anytime.It could be words, looks, harsh comments, expressions anything. We have been observing all forms of hate until now…..hating other’s opinions, hating there values, hating there acts, hating their words, hating their race, hating their existence and what not.People openly reveal hate about many celebrities i.e Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton…showing hate towards politicians, athletes and the list goes on.But there is another ‘deadly’ form of hate which we love to express openly and freely – hating other’s beliefs.

A world overloading and exploding with knowledge, where books, articles, laws and codes of morality exist, there since long, we are witnessing ignorance.Where tons of books are written about punishing small crimes and not bigger breech of morality.Where moral values exist and yet libels roam.Where beliefs are holy as well as irreverent.


This article gave birth after recent uproar of protests against an anti-religion film, attacking and mocking religious sentiments of a group of people.It doesn’t matter what my religion is, i am here to justify religious sanctity, religious tolerance, and religious honor and to degrade presumptuous defaming of other’s religious beliefs and attacking their religions with abuse, ridicule, and disrespect.I do so because i am all for compassion, and all the religions of the world advocate and teach love, peace and compassion. I can never justify disgracing and disrespecting religious elements or hating others just because they belong to a different set of beliefs, or only because they are DIFFERENT.We are labeling religions with  negative sentiments and attributes, which seems absurd.

We are pretty abrupt in making up our own personal  judgement about others.It takes seconds to conclude our judgments, and we never even try to give other’s a chance to change our judgements.We never like to dig deeper,try to understand their beliefs by discussing with them.Instead we go with assumptions and invent ‘hate’.Like the Mother Teresa’s saying goes:”If you judge people, you have no time to love them”.


We also love to stereotype.Sinner, black, nerd, jerk, fat, ugly, moron blah blah…We love to creates ridges by sarcasm, satire, exaggeration, sharp, bitter, cutting, limiting and declaring others through stereotyping.The use of the word ‘anti‘ is also frequent.

The Universal declaration of Human Rights is defined on the UN site as:’The universal recognition that basic rights and fundamental freedoms are inherent to all human beings, inalienable and equally applicable to everyone, and that every one of us is born free and equal in dignity and rights. Whatever our nationality, place of residence, gender, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status, the international community on December 10 1948 made a commitment to upholding dignity and justice for all of us.’

If for instance  someone  insults our parents infront of us, it would blow our fuses up i’m sure, and anything we would undertake after that would be our’Freedom of speech’.Isn’t it wise to stop or punish the mindless who started the insult at the first place?

Wikipedia quotes that Laws prohibiting hate speech are unconstitutional in the United States with exceptions like ‘DEFAMATION’.


I disagree with violent protests too.People need to remain within certain boundaries in the expression of their anger and disapproval during demonstrations.It is also wise to stop the person who lights a matchstick and throws it into a forest, because it cannot be his FREEDOM OF SPEECH.If a spark ignites, it’s wayward then with the forest fires, and grass, shrubs,bushes, plants, trees and green patches involuntarily are turned to ashes.It is surely a disappointment indeed, that still it has taken place and kindled the anger of millions hurting their sentiments.

I fail to understand that why people are given the right to file lawsuits or sue people who give baseless statements and wrong accusations and allegations to defame them but are free to insult religions and no law to protect it?There is no legal framework protecting sanctity of religion, no censorship law prohibiting censor of anti-religion(any religion) material.Religion is a vast group of people as compared to celebrities, whose sentiments are worth millions more.The huge explosion of information needs a check and balance sytem, censorship.


There are thousands of other important issues to be addressed through media, over-population, hunger and starvation, depleting resources especially energy resources, inflation,joblessness, climate issues, pollution, health issues plaging all…and all that media does is to divide people further, through hate and hate speech.

We are about to create another world war soon with all this hate and anti mindsets.If our religious beliefs contradict others, it doesn’t give us the right to justify defamation of that religion.Where is our morality, values, JUSTICE?Everyone?????





2 thoughts on “About Religious Intolerance and Religious Hate…

  1. With freedom of expression comes responsibility. To overstep the boundaries of propriety with the intention to inflame, degrade and abuse the religious beliefs of another I believe amounts to one of the worst forms of prejudice in the world. It is ignorace of the highest order. A malicious intent cannot be shrugged off as just freedom to express when it is premeditated to fuel anger and retaliation. Until mankind is able to show some degree of maturity, there needs to be an international law prohibiting the slander of another’s religion.

    Hate is such an ugly thing. May our hearts be free of hate even for those whose intention is to feed it. Thank you and with much love always. Your sister in friendship, Sharon

    • Hey Sharon!Hope my sweet friend’s going good!Agreed cent percent!We should only hate HATE itself!But it is a hypocritical world.We have lots of hate on our inside which we don’t show often enough.War is an outcome of this outrageous hate.May civilisation get civilised soon!Lets hope we are able to inspire at least 1% in shedding all the hate within.Take care dear!

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