My Privacy Fences…



I am residing within a bubble, my private abode

I inhale, dream, cherish within my own personal space

I’ve a small world, marked with the bounds of my isolation

I discrete intruders, candid cameras, and trespassers

I am confident yet confidential, extrovert yet need space

I am not arrogant yet defy, i am no celebrity yet social

I secluded my world from you all when i was judged

I was disdained, fooled, brought under limelight

Your comments, suggestions, analysis, interpretation

Describe me as a grouch, sourpuss, belly-acher, grump

I need solitude instead of publicity, i need no antagonists

I am not a prisoner of my seclusion, not chained by my freedom

I don’t need loneliness, just the right to safeguard my boundaries

You can join me in my world, just let me trust you in my territory

If you accept my bounds, and greet me from across with a smile

I might lower my privacy fence, so that you might come inside



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