Live Fearlessly!

My Dear Friend Sharon,our Shaz has the compassion to share and multiply Courage!

A Leaf in Springtime


When I first started out blogging two years ago, I was bald. I sat at this same spot while recovering from my chemotherapy treatment with nothing more than a wish to write from a heap of broken dreams and ashes.

I didn’t know then but sometimes flowers do bloom from the driest parched land of our souls. And broken dreams are replaced with nobler ones. And ashes are there to always remind us to build our lives on things that the fires of life can never burn.

Blogging saved me. Each and everyone of you who have ever left me a comment, a like, a note, a hug, each thoughtful, generous word which came with a chunk of your heart – you saved me. The love of my family saved me. That and by the gentle grace of God.

My hair has grown. My son has grown. He is now…

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