How do you define compassion?For me it is feeling the pain of others, and trying to relieve it.There can be many ways to do so, charity, a smile, a pat on the back, a word like “You can do it next time!”, or “I am here for you!”, or an act which does it all without saying a word.This blog is an extremely bonafide attempt to make this dream possible!

I have a few stories to share on the way also, of anonymous people i met in my life, who made me ashamed of so much they did with such small gestures and words, which i could also have done, but never did.Sadly, it never occured to me.They amazed me!

I need you all to post me pics and stories about any compassionate gesture you saw happening around you, any piece of poetry that lifts us to do more for others, any songs which can become an inspiration.Let’s turn this obnoxious world into hearts which feel and care, for themselves and others!


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  1. Awwww….i am flattered, really sweet of you Sharon.Err ‘Compassionate One’ is a good name hehehe, hope i can be one day!You were and forever will be my blog’s first ever follower, and the constant source of encouragement from day one!Your blog posts always amaze me,and THIS We have one thing in common – and that is positivity, hope and compassionate thoughts, well at least SOMEONE i find thinks like me.Others…well they think it’s an imaginary world i will never be able to create in reality.These words sound good in books never work in real life.SO i am on a mission of bringing about positive change and proving it is an epidemic,and everyone will catch it soon :)Thanks again for the nomination – can’t thank you enough!

  2. Oh God, i’m overwhelmed, and a little embarrassed too.You all have been blogging for so long,i’m a newbie, technically i don’t deserve both the awards i’ve been nominated for.Thanks for this honor.But i’m glad that compassion and goodness inspires.Thanx again!

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