The confessions of the Wrathful!

Emotions are reaction to behavior. People respond in different ways to various situations. While stuck in traffic, feeling unwell, during discussions, disagreements and discords we observe an extreme demonstration of rage.Anger is the emotion which outbursts as active volcanoes from within in the times of commotion and chaos nowadays.When we cannot channelize it into a positive medium of expression, we are left with anger only.In short, anger is a result of our shortcomings – inefficiency to have a control over our feelings and an extreme reaction to impatience.



I must accept that i am also friends with this denounced emotion.The bucket of anger is not always full inside me.But  incidents, actions, attitudes and dealings of the people who surround me, or whom i meet drops a few ounces of resentment inside the bucket off and on.Also the world sometimes feels so harsh, insane, numb and unfair that i feel dejected and frustrated. Frustration again gives rise to the levels of anger inside.But my confession alone is not enough. Deep down i know that feelings of anger are an offense, an offense towards human behavior, human emotions, kindness and above all compassion.After the rage is over, only embarrassment, and guilt is what’s the consequence. Anger gives rise to many other undesirable emotions, like bitterness, impoliteness, insensitivity, spitefulness, cruelty, even hatred! Therefore it is extremely important to keep our temperaments in check. If i sit back and analyze the reasons for the fuming enraged group of ours, i reach the following conclusions:




*Not everyone welcomes criticism!

*Taking out someone else’s frustrations on someone else – Very common attitude!Most people aggressive in public have others to blame.

*Too many problems, confusions, disturbances already going on in life – We should learn the art of getting a hold of our lives, removing unnecessary clatter of problems.

*Too much expectations especially from others – Expectations are mostly unreasonable.We can never access the extend of others devotion, sacrifices and dedication.

*Dissatisfaction, defeat in some phase of life – Facing setbacks in some point in life is everyone’s hallmark.People blame the world for their failures and try to get even with out-pour of anger.

* High Fat and Carbs diet which raises blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin levels, causing health conditions and anger as a result.

*Facing similar conducts in life from others – Tit  for tat is NOT the approach especially if others are not responsible or aware of your miseries.

*Lower irritability thresholds – We can’t help it, but it’s not other’s fault to bear either!



*Self – judgmental approach – Don’t be too harsh on yourself ! *Selfish, mean attitudes – All of us have a ‘me’ or ‘I’ to satisfy.But not at the cost of others feelings and emotions.

*A result of pain – People already going through emotional pain are unable to control themselves and as a result unintentionally inflict others with emotional trauma.

*Complexes – They are quite complex actually, take years to develop and effort to eradicate.

*Impatience – When people consider being patient an impossible task and let the wild horses of crude negative emotions on the loose, impatience results.

*Haste – Common issue with every other.Ill-planning and mis-managements are under covers of haste.



Anger management is not an easy thing, and i guess many of you would believe if i say it is equally tough in comparison to losing tons of fat!But tough things also eventually are conquered, the only investment is time.It’s takes more time to reach the tallest of summits.So, here’s what i think can help as most of it i have learnt from experience.The methods to get rid of outbursts of temper or aggression include:



*Take deep breaths – believe me it literally helps! It lowers your blood pressure, relieves your nerves and brightens up your mood.

*Stop finding faults in others – If you only focus the good in people, there’s no reason to boil your brains!

*Keep reality checks on expectations – The less you expect from others, the more you are satisfied…

*Smile when others are irritating you – When people press the escalator to your temper, give them a break with your humor 🙂

*Count backwards! – Granny’s told us to follow this old trick.Works!

*When ur mad, listen to music – It really calms you down!

*Do something else meanwhile your brain is about to explode – Pick a good book, read comics, jokes, comedy programmes….

*Surround yourself with people who understand you – They will help you pull out the electric cord of irritation and anger, you can share your feelings with them instead of fuming….

*Remember pleasant moments – Like childhood memories, any pleasant place you visited on a vacation….

*Exercise! –

*Watch what you eat and monitor your diet. Eliminate all foods which are high in sugar and fat.






Inspite of all these suggestions to help us all take the next step beyond confession, i know, most of us when wake up early morning, will probably throw them behind our backs and start the day with a frown, a creased forehead, and a loudspeaker fitted in our throats, eyes popping out, and even the neighbor’s dog getting disturbed by our behaviors. Just like we aim to make a better omelette, work better on our office projects, similarly we need to aim to improvise our moods, spirits and attitudes, as they have even much more priority than food and work.Nothing gets fixed overnight, give yourself some time! For me the greatest motivation to give up anger is the feelings of guilt afterwards. Find your motivational force which compels you to stay cool and calm. Our sentiments and their proper management will help us as an individual, an employee, a parent, a citizen, a national, a human being – as a whole!

Dilemma of Today’s Woman – Objectification and Respect!

” My understanding of women goes only as far as the pleasures ” –  Micheal Caine

In this evolving era, change has brought a huge difference to a world of yesterday, and a world of today. No one has escaped it. Time have revised and re-developed everything. Civilizations have been developed, although the question of mankind being civilized or not still remains. There’s still a long way to go, but mankind of today is revived and much more improvised than that of yesterday.


 ” I think every woman does want to be objectified…I think it’s healthy” – Cameron Diaz 

Where does a woman stand in the times of today?A million dollar question….Being a woman myself, i feel the perspectives about women haven’t changed at all. First, she is considered an object – object of craving, vulgarity, possession, seduction, pleasure, attraction, allure, entertainment and flirting. She is merely a commodity with little or no dignity whatsoever. Unfortunately she isn’t considered for anything more than the three letter world. She is considered charming, sexy, ravishing, pretty, figurine, barbie or a prostitute and that is all what defines her worth and talent. This sexual objectification of woman has led her to nowhere in today’s world.Leonardo da vinci portrayed her as Mona Lisa. Shakespeare’s character Romeo only fell for Juliet after being drowned by her apparent beauty.She is made beautiful inside out, but that only is not her hallmark.

She is used on media as a marketing strategy in commercials, without whom not even a shaving gel gets sold in the market.She is portrayed as hot in chick flicks, else vamp, or otherwise naive, weak and submissive.She is just there to jazz it up, add some spice, and gain attention of the opposite sex, if not so then just to cry bucketfuls and otherwise cruel. She is always a simpleton, innocent, brainless and spineless yet attractive girl who is too dependent on men and for whom independence is the name of another constellation .She is never projected as a strong, intelligent, confident, smart lady who can change the shape of the world.Hence, the result is too many women wanting to become cute princesses, or a hot shot, and men also idealize such women.So much going down the gutter there….

A world dominated by men who think similar often forgets that woman is respectable. She deserves respect because she is an equal, a beautiful creation of God who sent her in this world to play an important role.She is as human as men.She a financial support to her family in daily lives as well as in times of trouble and she handles the finances in parallel to her jobs of raising family, a homemaker whom you refer to even if you can’t find a pair of socks, a mother who is the sole womb to bear humanity and also sole lap to raise it afterwards.She is an authority on emotions, care, and behavior as she is the one who raises a generation of men and imparts them with these ethics and morals.Then why is it that she is raising a society of deaf and dumb yet starring and drooling men?

The problem lies within herself.She is responsible for her self-objectification. No women ever objects such ill projection. None ever dropped out of any project willingly because it was sexually exposing her and projecting nudity.No mob of people preferably women ever took the streets to condemn the role of society and media in her objectification. No women ever came up to oppose abuse, molestation, assault, forced prostitution at the hands of pimps, rape, acid burning, human trafficking, sexual domestic and marital violence, honor killing, mutilation and forced abortion and all as a result of such a negative depiction of women in our societies.All of these crimes occur because women did not demand respect from the societies.

And why do i reach this conclusion? Women never want to be respected after all.They just want to be loved and cherished nowadays, and this approach often lands them into trouble as they are used just like tissue paper and thrown away in the name of love.They never explore their talents because they lack self-respect.How can anyone demand respect without developing self-respect first?We are  totally and shamefully responsible for the development of such a shallow society with shallow characters and thinking.Our hallmark is our motherhood i believe, and we are not practicing it in order to create any appreciation for ourselves.I am not eliminating men from the burden. They are also a part of the crime as fathers, cause they are also responsible to be a role model for their sons by exhibiting the due respect which every woman deserves.


SO men and women….get rid of sex-obsessed, desensitized, sexually driven, gross minded society and respect woman for more than her skin-deep beauty, her talents, her abilities and independence, strength and intelligence…FOR ALL SHE TRULY IS!








A Year of Blogging, YIPEEEE!!!

Today is the first anniversary of my blog. People say words are not enough….but my experience with words has taught me that words carve their own path into the hearts and minds of people, and sometimes they even create deep craters on the stone hard surfaces in there as well.

The journey of expression, thought sharing and compassion has been quite fruitful.If I have been able to stir even a single heart and mind, I will cherish it as an achievement.I believe there are many more to move and shake, and much more needs to be done in raising our spirits to recognise and honour the dignity of humanity.

Today it gives me great pleasure to sit and look back at my blogging experience, when a year back I started my blog to express myself.Although due to time constraints and other responsibilities i have not been a regular blogger, it is an achievement for me because it is my very first blog.I know that there is lots more to say, therefore I am looking forward to many more years of blogging ahead!

Happy Blogging to all!


Spending time with “I”



Since childhood, i had loved darkness….it must be hard to digest, but it’s indeed true. Making shadow puppets on the walls, even the slightest ray of light seemed a blessing in a dark room. If we close every gadget of ours, the cable, net… there is a sound of silence, which seems so soothing to our ears. Both darkness and silence, are a blessing.Because darkness dims our vision but enhances insight. We can peep inside us, something we never wanna do, something we never are fond of…infact we avoid. Silence, allows our inner-self to speak, the words it has been longing to say out loud, and to me they sound sweet!

Why do we fear our inner-voice, the face of our inner-self? I perceive that we fear to hear lots of bitter sweet truths, and we doubt the true face of ours is quite ugly. We tend to run awa from both of these unacceptable facts. “Our reality can never reach upto our fears” is what we declare to ourselves. Our apprehensions take over our anticipations. We all have alot to run away from,and somewhere in our lives we need to look right into our eyes and say “Look, lets set this straight….this is who i really am.Let’s be thankful it’s not worse. A few botox injections, or else facelifts, otherwise plastic surgeries will definately do!Face the world and start serious restructuring you hear!!!”

Ignoring our hearts and minds is a serious .It disconnects our body from soul, we are less human and cannibal without our thoughts and feelings. The less we listen to our inner voice, the more mistakes we commit, and more wrong decisions we take in life. Life is an opportunity of constant restructuring and refurbishing. A little repair here and there, with something new learnt every time will make a much better person out of us.



Listening to the voices from inside will give us inner peace too. Our conscience will always guide us in the right direction, only if we listen to it. Following the right path will eliminate all the mental confusions, worries and frustrations. Life will be more straight and simple, without any burdens or guilt. There will be no discord between our values and actions.

In today’s times, man has no time for himself. Life is full of hustle bustle.Our purpose in life has changed, so has the aims and targets.We are running around gathering money, with no time to spend it.In the midst of all this, taking out time for ourselves will help us recuperate our energies, rectify our actions, and redefine our objectives in life.

The dichotomy of humanity is evident from the indifference today. One group of us humans oppresses, and the other is suppressed, one kills and the other is killed, one has it all and the other is deprived. We have lost our sense and sensibilities.We all are leading lives as heartless, mindless robots, led by our needs and worldly desires.Life is not only the kind we live, it brings hardships for the other which we might never had heard of, because we have lost our sensitivity to detect pain, sorrow and needs of others.This is due to lack of kindness and understanding.Glancing inside us, we can find the lost tender hearts which feel for others.

Reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel’s song “Sounds of Silence”, here’s a dose of it:



Hello darkness, my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again

Because a vision softly creeping

Left it’s seeds while I was sleeping

And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sounds of silence

In restless dreams i walked alone

Narrow streets of cobblestone

‘Neath the halo of a street lamp

I turned my collar to the cold and damp

When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light

That split the night

And touched the sound of silence

And in the naked light i saw

Ten thousand people, maybe more

People talking without speaking



People hearing without listening

People write songs that voiced never share

And no one dared

Disturb the sound of silence

“Fools”, said I, “You do not know

Silence like a cancer grows

Hear my words that i might teach you

Take my arms that i might reach you”

But my words, like silent raindrops fell

And echoed

In the wells of silence

And the people bowed and prayed

To the neon god they made

And the sign flashed out it’s warning

In the words that it was forming

And the sign said, “The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls

And tenement halls”

And whispered in the sounds of silence



Many interpretations of these lyrics have been given, but my opinion is different. I believe it states that if we don’t listen to our inner voices, our surroundings start influencing our views, and form our opinions according to it’s own hidden reasons.We suddenly start following whatever we are told, or whoever we are told to follow or obey.In short, we are victimised. One such opinion maker, is the media.circulating pre – formulated opinions around on hundreds of newspapers and thousands of televised news channels trap our thoughts into believing something we don’t actually agree with.It seems like a media propaganda to create an army of people who are like – minded and agree with your agendas or motives. In such a situation, being dogmatic is the approach.Gain sometime for your own, and shape up your opinions about various aspects of life which matter and directly influence us.

Life is a serious thing, not a piece of news column or a channel’s news report. Our views have serious implications over a wider perspective, we transform global opinions. We matter, so our opinions should be well – formed in global betterment.

So take a stroll in the park, or a walk in your garden, a jog on the track, or in a darkroom, close your eyes and peep inside….you will find yourself, as I find ‘I’….

About Religious Intolerance and Religious Hate…

The world is becoming  a sad spectacle nowadays,ugly, inconsiderate, cruel.Since long, i have been seeing people respecting morality, values, customs, beliefs, ideals, but NEVER more than HATE and NOT ANYMORE.

Hate is a STRONG WORD infact it is a statement, which we use to describe anyone or anything and at anytime.It could be words, looks, harsh comments, expressions anything. We have been observing all forms of hate until now…..hating other’s opinions, hating there values, hating there acts, hating their words, hating their race, hating their existence and what not.People openly reveal hate about many celebrities i.e Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton…showing hate towards politicians, athletes and the list goes on.But there is another ‘deadly’ form of hate which we love to express openly and freely – hating other’s beliefs.

A world overloading and exploding with knowledge, where books, articles, laws and codes of morality exist, there since long, we are witnessing ignorance.Where tons of books are written about punishing small crimes and not bigger breech of morality.Where moral values exist and yet libels roam.Where beliefs are holy as well as irreverent.

This article gave birth after recent uproar of protests against an anti-religion film, attacking and mocking religious sentiments of a group of people.It doesn’t matter what my religion is, i am here to justify religious sanctity, religious tolerance, and religious honor and to degrade presumptuous defaming of other’s religious beliefs and attacking their religions with abuse, ridicule, and disrespect.I do so because i am all for compassion, and all the religions of the world advocate and teach love, peace and compassion. I can never justify disgracing and disrespecting religious elements or hating others just because they belong to a different set of beliefs, or only because they are DIFFERENT.We are labeling religions with  negative sentiments and attributes, which seems absurd.

We are pretty abrupt in making up our own personal  judgement about others.It takes seconds to conclude our judgments, and we never even try to give other’s a chance to change our judgements.We never like to dig deeper,try to understand their beliefs by discussing with them.Instead we go with assumptions and invent ‘hate’.Like the Mother Teresa’s saying goes:”If you judge people, you have no time to love them”.

We also love to stereotype.Sinner, black, nerd, jerk, fat, ugly, moron blah blah…We love to creates ridges by sarcasm, satire, exaggeration, sharp, bitter, cutting, limiting and declaring others through stereotyping.The use of the word ‘anti‘ is also frequent.

The Universal declaration of Human Rights is defined on the UN site as:’The universal recognition that basic rights and fundamental freedoms are inherent to all human beings, inalienable and equally applicable to everyone, and that every one of us is born free and equal in dignity and rights. Whatever our nationality, place of residence, gender, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status, the international community on December 10 1948 made a commitment to upholding dignity and justice for all of us.’

If for instance  someone  insults our parents infront of us, it would blow our fuses up i’m sure, and anything we would undertake after that would be our’Freedom of speech’.Isn’t it wise to stop or punish the mindless who started the insult at the first place?

Wikipedia quotes that Laws prohibiting hate speech are unconstitutional in the United States with exceptions like ‘DEFAMATION’.

I disagree with violent protests too.People need to remain within certain boundaries in the expression of their anger and disapproval during demonstrations.It is also wise to stop the person who lights a matchstick and throws it into a forest, because it cannot be his FREEDOM OF SPEECH.If a spark ignites, it’s wayward then with the forest fires, and grass, shrubs,bushes, plants, trees and green patches involuntarily are turned to ashes.It is surely a disappointment indeed, that still it has taken place and kindled the anger of millions hurting their sentiments.

I fail to understand that why people are given the right to file lawsuits or sue people who give baseless statements and wrong accusations and allegations to defame them but are free to insult religions and no law to protect it?There is no legal framework protecting sanctity of religion, no censorship law prohibiting censor of anti-religion(any religion) material.Religion is a vast group of people as compared to celebrities, whose sentiments are worth millions more.The huge explosion of information needs a check and balance sytem, censorship.


There are thousands of other important issues to be addressed through media, over-population, hunger and starvation, depleting resources especially energy resources, inflation,joblessness, climate issues, pollution, health issues plaging all…and all that media does is to divide people further, through hate and hate speech.

We are about to create another world war soon with all this hate and anti mindsets.If our religious beliefs contradict others, it doesn’t give us the right to justify defamation of that religion.Where is our morality, values, JUSTICE?Everyone?????