The Deadly Game of Power!

Your greed of dominion has seized my existence

It was sown in your hearts long ago by power

It chained your ability to reason in shackles

It shot an arrow in the heart of your emotions

Devastation overflew since then, going boundless

The fire breathing dragons caged are on the loose

All the dominoes of life have started drifting…

Tumbling down the freedom and ‘being’ of mankind

It doesn’t take long to capture pawns after all!

But it takes only one piece to turn the tables

To checkmate, to win back the lost glory of life!

And i will stand tall till my last breath to survive

To execute the move which topples your vicious plans

Mountains of pursuit turn to dust, hopeless tumbling around

But till i carry flag of our lost honor, there’ s still a chance!

Take seeds of brotherhood from me, plant in depths of your heart

Water with faith, strength, harmony, plow fields with humanity

Wait in patience for fields to bloom, to light your heart with unity

Let’s leave this game here, and hug each other my dear friend!

There’s nothing lost in the end,we both won match of co-existence!

(By: LetsSpreadCompassion)






Dilemma of Today’s Woman – Objectification and Respect!

” My understanding of women goes only as far as the pleasures ” –  Micheal Caine

In this evolving era, change has brought a huge difference to a world of yesterday, and a world of today. No one has escaped it. Time have revised and re-developed everything. Civilizations have been developed, although the question of mankind being civilized or not still remains. There’s still a long way to go, but mankind of today is revived and much more improvised than that of yesterday.


 ” I think every woman does want to be objectified…I think it’s healthy” – Cameron Diaz 

Where does a woman stand in the times of today?A million dollar question….Being a woman myself, i feel the perspectives about women haven’t changed at all. First, she is considered an object – object of craving, vulgarity, possession, seduction, pleasure, attraction, allure, entertainment and flirting. She is merely a commodity with little or no dignity whatsoever. Unfortunately she isn’t considered for anything more than the three letter world. She is considered charming, sexy, ravishing, pretty, figurine, barbie or a prostitute and that is all what defines her worth and talent. This sexual objectification of woman has led her to nowhere in today’s world.Leonardo da vinci portrayed her as Mona Lisa. Shakespeare’s character Romeo only fell for Juliet after being drowned by her apparent beauty.She is made beautiful inside out, but that only is not her hallmark.

She is used on media as a marketing strategy in commercials, without whom not even a shaving gel gets sold in the market.She is portrayed as hot in chick flicks, else vamp, or otherwise naive, weak and submissive.She is just there to jazz it up, add some spice, and gain attention of the opposite sex, if not so then just to cry bucketfuls and otherwise cruel. She is always a simpleton, innocent, brainless and spineless yet attractive girl who is too dependent on men and for whom independence is the name of another constellation .She is never projected as a strong, intelligent, confident, smart lady who can change the shape of the world.Hence, the result is too many women wanting to become cute princesses, or a hot shot, and men also idealize such women.So much going down the gutter there….

A world dominated by men who think similar often forgets that woman is respectable. She deserves respect because she is an equal, a beautiful creation of God who sent her in this world to play an important role.She is as human as men.She a financial support to her family in daily lives as well as in times of trouble and she handles the finances in parallel to her jobs of raising family, a homemaker whom you refer to even if you can’t find a pair of socks, a mother who is the sole womb to bear humanity and also sole lap to raise it afterwards.She is an authority on emotions, care, and behavior as she is the one who raises a generation of men and imparts them with these ethics and morals.Then why is it that she is raising a society of deaf and dumb yet starring and drooling men?

The problem lies within herself.She is responsible for her self-objectification. No women ever objects such ill projection. None ever dropped out of any project willingly because it was sexually exposing her and projecting nudity.No mob of people preferably women ever took the streets to condemn the role of society and media in her objectification. No women ever came up to oppose abuse, molestation, assault, forced prostitution at the hands of pimps, rape, acid burning, human trafficking, sexual domestic and marital violence, honor killing, mutilation and forced abortion and all as a result of such a negative depiction of women in our societies.All of these crimes occur because women did not demand respect from the societies.

And why do i reach this conclusion? Women never want to be respected after all.They just want to be loved and cherished nowadays, and this approach often lands them into trouble as they are used just like tissue paper and thrown away in the name of love.They never explore their talents because they lack self-respect.How can anyone demand respect without developing self-respect first?We are  totally and shamefully responsible for the development of such a shallow society with shallow characters and thinking.Our hallmark is our motherhood i believe, and we are not practicing it in order to create any appreciation for ourselves.I am not eliminating men from the burden. They are also a part of the crime as fathers, cause they are also responsible to be a role model for their sons by exhibiting the due respect which every woman deserves.


SO men and women….get rid of sex-obsessed, desensitized, sexually driven, gross minded society and respect woman for more than her skin-deep beauty, her talents, her abilities and independence, strength and intelligence…FOR ALL SHE TRULY IS!








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Live Fearlessly!

My Dear Friend Sharon,our Shaz has the compassion to share and multiply Courage!

A Leaf in Springtime


When I first started out blogging two years ago, I was bald. I sat at this same spot while recovering from my chemotherapy treatment with nothing more than a wish to write from a heap of broken dreams and ashes.

I didn’t know then but sometimes flowers do bloom from the driest parched land of our souls. And broken dreams are replaced with nobler ones. And ashes are there to always remind us to build our lives on things that the fires of life can never burn.

Blogging saved me. Each and everyone of you who have ever left me a comment, a like, a note, a hug, each thoughtful, generous word which came with a chunk of your heart – you saved me. The love of my family saved me. That and by the gentle grace of God.

My hair has grown. My son has grown. He is now…

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Saving LIFE

Today is another day for narrating a true story.In a world of today where less compassion is spared for humans, least can be expected for plants and animals.By no means I tend to emphasis more on the needs of humans, when I state it.But it is a dilemma. When a human who can speak up for his rights and needs is declined, it is considered less likely for cold hearted humanity to take up responsibility of the requirements of other forms of life.
God has been kind to us.He created nature and animals to adorn our world with beauty, love and faithfulness.They brighten up our lives, and when the world turns cruel, they are always by our side.
Once a girl I know was coming back from work with her elder brother in a car. As expected, there were outbursts of traffic, because of rush hours.the car stood at a signal. Everywhere around, people in the cars were tired, drained off and irritated by the slow creeping lanes.Some had kids in the cars crying, desperate to reach home and enjoy television or meals.A few drivers were even
holding their throbbing, aching foreheads.
Traffic started creeping slowly as the signal went green.Suddenly, a young driver switched lane and by-passed all the cars at a high pace.The car stereo was switched on and anyone could hear the music from outside the closed car windows. He gained speed and suddenly the wheels of the car screeched. She became impatient and worried that there might have been an accident, but the long queue of cars in front blocked the view.Suddenly, her eyes caught a glimpse of a tiny puppy limping alongside the road and hiding in the bushes right beside the road.He was whining, terrified and in great pain.

As her car creeped up, to her horror she saw that the driver had fled from the scene in his car.The traffic was going on at a normal flow, there seemed no one who wanted to pull over and see what happened to the poor tiny soul hiding in the bushes.People were too busy and tired to care for a stray puppy, considering him least important at that moment in time.Humanity is growing cruel and ignorant, and we usually do nothing to change this bitter fact.Our priorities have changed a lot, and we have forced all other living things to wither, or wander astray. Life matters to us, but ONLY our own!
She couldn’t bear moving on.She thought that she can never forgive herself if she moved on and let life slumber into a miserable painful death.Her brother also wanted to take a look at the puppy and take him to a vet-nary hospital.They pulled over, got out of the car.The poor thing was hiding out of fear amongst the bushes, and was whining terribly.They got an empty fruit basket from a shop right opposite to the bushes and placed him in it.He was looking with cautious, painful, strange eyes.They took off for the nearest vet in town.Even at the slowest speed they were going, the faintest slightest movement of the car made them hear his shrieks.It was evident there was a fracture.
As they approached the vet, it started raining terribly.The doctor examined him and declared the puppy had four fractures on his left hind leg.It was a sad news, poor thing!All the while during examination, he whined out of pain.It was too much for him, he missed family, felt pain, and strange amongst strangers.
They said that they couldn’t conduct surgery as their surgeon was on leave, so they referred them to another vet.It was a bit far, so they decided to keep him for the night and then take him early morning. The vet prescribed pain killer to go through the night.
When they reached home, their family felt sorry for the pup.They wanted to console him, but it was no use.They fed him, and a quite peaceful corner of a room was declared as his sole property.
Next day, they took him to the hospital.Surgery was conducted, and the leg was cut off as it was in terrible shape.The doctors said a missing hind leg could do, he couldn’t have survived if it was a fore leg, cause he couldn’t get up without a missing fore leg.It really was disturbing and unfortunate for the cute pup.
He stayed at the facility for two days.He was given a good shower, turned bright new, infact he appeared quite dashing.He was a strong breed, tall.When they went to bring him home, he seemed to have missed them.He had developed a loving bond of compassion with his masters, a bond forever, a bond tested and trailed, and a faithful one!
He spent two years with them until he was shifted to a farm because he was a hound breed and keeping him in their neighbourhood wasn’t convenient enough.They still visit him and he runs fast as lightning on his three strong legs to remember the love and compassion they had showered upon him, and to gaze them with his puppy eyes and to love them fondly.
He is a living miracle of life, that God has given us all, to believe in miracles, to consider life the most precious and remarkable gift of God, to become a part of nature’s compassion, and to develop a soft corner for all the speechless lives around there which consider us superior and expect us to promote and nurture life itself, not to end it!All the creatures big or small need us, not to hamper nature’s flow of life, but to help it flow freely till the end of time…
These stray lives need a foster home, a foster care, which is much more than the stray lives they lead.Above all, they need life!