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Fight your Evil side

Below are lyrics of a song called Fight your evil side by a band named To leave a trace.They are so inspiring, take a look:

Credits:Roman Volkov

So now it’s time to call things by name

To define what side is yours in this battle

For life with yourself to the end

I saw how strongly people love deceit and treachery

They are proud of their dark sides of souls

They hurt others and don’t want to feel

The breath of pain on themselves

They fell in love with darkness more than with the light

There’re writing their history in a book of death

Unbalance in their souls totally out of control

Lost true path!

To shine with good heart into souls frozen from lies

To shine with love where flame is dying down

In someone’s disappointing eyes

Each of us longs for warmth from the sun

Each of us can be the sun

It’s all worth fighting your evil side!

So leave behind your dirty business

Wash the hands from this

Don’t restrain yourself

To have a deep look inside into your heart

Leave your history in a book of life

Level your road

Fight your evil side

Level your unbalance inside…