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“What goes around comes around.”

A wonderful compassionate act of kindness, which gave me hope! Thanks to my fellow blogger – Anubrat Singh Dadhwal!Read on…

A Small Act Of Kindness Can Bring Smile On Million Faces


A great learning and touching story…………….

One day a man saw an old lady, stranded on the side of the road, but even in the dim light of day, he could see she needed help. So he pulled up in front of her Mercedes and got out. His Pontiac was still sputtering when he approached her.
Even with the smile on his face, she was worried. No one had stopped to help for the last hour or so. Was he going to hurt her? He didn’t look safe; he looked poor and hungry. He could see that she was frightened, standing out there in the cold. He knew how she felt. It was those chills which only fear can put in you. He said, “I’m here to help you, ma’am. Why don’t you wait in the car where it’s warm? By the way, my name is Bryan Anderson.”
Well, all…

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Brooks Dame – His story of overcoming of fears and sacrifice!

‘We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot.’     –     Eleanor Roosevelt

How many of us are strong enough to combat our fears?Fears are deep-rooted and don’t let go easily, except when faced with courage and compassion.Our phobia’s and creeps crawl around like twining vines and surround us.Counting on courage we gradually overcome it. But, it is not that easy as it seems.

Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world.’   –    Ralph Waldo Emerson

Brooks Dame was a student in high school,when a friend named Jessica was diagnosed with Lupus.Doctors helped her in coming back to life, which struck Brooks.He thought that maybe he could be of some help to similar people in need in one form or the other.It took time, to overcome Trypanophobia – his fear for needles.With some thinking and courage, finally he registered himself in bone marrow donation.


‘We must build dikes of courage to hold the flood of fear.’     –     Martin Luther King Jr.

After one year of waiting, he finally was informed that his bone marrow matched to a man in his 30’s, with wife and children, battling everyday with Leukemia.He felt compassion towards a man holding onto what seemed like a chance of survival….hope!He heard his desperate cry for help, his urge to live and desperate attempt to fight death gave him the sunshine which took him away from his fears into a bright world of fearlessness.

‘Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.’     –   Mark Twain

He took a few tests, and then in a hospital in Denver, he donated his bone marrow to save life!We can inculcate bravery by being strong and fearless.His phobia was the first hurdle, the complicated donation procedures and the immense pain another….but in the end – he emerged victorious!

‘Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.’    –   Mark Twain

Life is never easy on us, not because it loves to ache us, but because behind every good or bad in life, there is a purpose.Sometimes we can see it, sometimes we don’t, but sooner or later we get to know all the answers to ‘WHY’?.At times bearing pain makes us fearless of pain, sometimes bearing pain for others gives us the endurance for pain.Immense pain makes us painless, infact fearless.

‘Fear is an acronym in the English language for “False Evidence Appearing Real”.’   –   Neale Donald Walsch

We need to learn from life, instead of cursing it.Everything in life teaches us, improvises us, and strengthens us.We only need a realization, a sensitive heart and the strength to overcome fears.Most of the things in our lives remain unaccomplished because of these unneeded unnecessary fears.

‘Nothing in life is to be feared.It is only to be understood.’    –    Marie Curie


Another important factor is sacrifice.Those who can sacrifice for others can eradicate fear through compassion, just like those who can  eradicate fear for themselves through strength.Compassion is something which can always be developed in oneself, it is not inherited.It usually develops only when we face pain ourselves, then we start to relate to all those who have faced similar pain in life.Just like Brooks Dame was able to relate to all those in pain when his friend Jessica experienced it.It woke the compassion within, and he sacrificed for a stranger in pain and need by going through pain itself.Sacrifice is an emotion which is not easy to develop, infact i believe it sometimes surpasses the value of the good deed a sacrifice is given for.But sacrifice makes us humane and strong, because we realize that we can lead our lives even without the thing we sacrificed for others.

‘Fear is a darkroom where negatives are developed.’    –    Unknown

Let’s overcome our fears to achieve strength and compassion, let’s sprinkle it around us too…Foremost, let’s get rid of this  bundle of fears interrupting our affairs and make life easy and enjoyable.Only then we can experience life in it’s truest sense and make it worthwhile for others as well!

‘There are four ways you can handle fear.You can go over it, or around it.But if you are ever to put fear behind you, you must walk straight through it.Once you put fear behind you, leave it there.’    –    Donna A. Favors

Salute to Mothers!

Mother – cannot be defined in words, i will still attempt…..Sacrifice, Patience, Unconditional Dedicated Purest Love, a Prayer and a rewarded Heaven in this World.The love of all the worlds combines into a Mother’s heart.

How i feel about My Mom…..makes me emotional already.Her prayers have always blessed and saved me from the tempest, whatever goodness i have within is hers, she sprinkled a bit on me from her posessions.Never in my life have i seen her wayward, vexed, skeptical.My whole life has been jittering to the beats of her love.She revolves around love, and my love revolves around her.She has been a homemaker all her life – yet her understanding and undertaking of social, economic, moral, situations is remarkable.Every mother has a wonderful fragrance, i believe it’s her love.She has been walking 20 minutes one way every day, in cold winters and hot summers to deliver me my lunch fresh and hot everyday our houseboy was in the market or busy elsewhere of my first few school years.Whenever i used to say that:’Mama, why do you tire yourself everyday?I have no problems with cold food in my lunch box’  she said: ‘…but i have’.Her belief and faith in God has strengthened mine, her love for cooking, baking,cleaning, orderliness inspired me. Now that she has raised her lot of kiddos, she is busy raising grandchildren and her garden of trees, plants, and pots.She never complains about life, she never looses hope,she fights for others rights, truth and justice.She has held on tightly to the foundations of her family, not by being a dictator but a lighthouse, a mentor, a guide.Her advises and wisdom has made me walk the path of life without taking chances and exploring risks.I am gaining nourishment for life from her, she forms the roots of my tree of life….sob,oh God i can go on forever…..LOVE YOU MUMA!She is back home, waiting anxiously for the grand union of her kids.Her heart is always with the ones who are far away.Missing her this mother’s day, a call or VC can never make up a hug and a kiss…

On Mother’s Day, i wanted to talk about a few issues related to mothers.I wonder what are the those burdensome, challenging times when a mother is forced to forsake her child.Which tribulations are those which she is unable to go through, and a mother rejects her own offspring?I can only imagine the agony a mother goes through, how she is tormented, but i can never feel it.A mothers tender heart can’t bear detachment from her child.But the cruel realities of life, poverty, financial conditions, homelessness, and urge for a better future for their kids, makes them kill their motherhood to keep their kids and their future alive.What a great sacrifice she gives, no other human in this world can think of it,but she alone undertakes it.We need equal opportunities of life in this world, where no mother is separated from her child, no child is raised in the absence of their loving mother, where hunger can never surpass love and emotions, where love and motherhood is not cheaper than living, or considered unimportant or low priority.

Then there are those who consider illegitimate child a dark side of their society.The child is shunned, banned and disapproved, not realizing that the parents who brought him/her in this world are the ones responsible for raising him.Such children are considered a taboo, and pushed out of the bounds of civic society.The mothers either leave their kids in deserted places or leave them at foster care centers, without will usually, due to pressures, and with great destitute.The rest of the child’s life is his punishment, he is made fun of,and considered inferior and disregarded.The emotional, educational and social upbringing of such a child is a huge challenge, and to make him a valid and equal part of the society is difficult.What more to it, that their mother’s crave for them forever, and seldom find them back, even if they do their kids blame them and reject them for leaving them to suffer all the years, alone.A motherhood is left devoid, and a mother – deprived forever.

Their are young mothers, who bear children at a very young age, and are unable to support them, as well as criticized widely by families and society.As a result, the kids are given away, or aborted.The trauma she undergoes and how nobody hear’s her deepest heart cry is unknown by others.

Abortion is another painful decision, a mother is forced into.No mother can kill the life within her, which belongs to her.It’s such a cruel world, and such cruel standards that life which exists within the parameters of it’s norms is allowed to survive,while life which doesn’t fit into these rules is left to die, or killed.To me, it’s murder, homicide rather.Mother Teresa raised her voice against this hideous act and crime:

“Any country that accepts abortion, is not teaching its people to love, but to use any violence to get what it wants.”   –   Mother Teresa

“It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”   –   Mother Teresa

Next, are the mothers who are taking care of many at the foster care centers, sacrificing attention meant for their kids in exchange of many children who are orphaned, and deprived of their share of love.They have a very big heart, because motherhood knows no boundaries,   sometimes it’s extremely selfish to protect it’s child, and at times extremely generous, as no other heart can feel the emotions of a young one than a mother.

Next, i want to honor the mothers, who are raising disabled, crippled, paralyzed, mentally unstable and diseased kids.It is nerve wrecking and heart drenching to see a part of your own physical self, unable to face life or moving on but unable to catch up with the pace of the world.They address their dependencies on daily basis .Their kids are sometimes called and mostly considered ‘invalids’ by many ignorant, who are unaware of  the hidden strength of these individuals and their mothers, with which they move on everyday, their heads held high.Some are competing with and hurling away mortality everyday from their children,whose small tender painful bodies are running out of life.The emotional plights are colossal, and the physical ardor too is unparalleled.How a mother gains strength and transfer it in her child to make him/her stronger each day is a miracle God blesses mothers with.

Mothers who are single parents also are extremely devoted, one of a kind individuals.Being a mother as well as  father demands efficacy, skills potential and strength.Single mothers are extremely devoted towards their kids, never leaving space for them to feel emptiness in their lives, their larger than life presence fills space everywhere and completely.A single mother’s love and commitment is two folds, and she inspite of loneliness, difficulties, without any help or aids of companionship, with sole ardent steers forward her life, and the life of her kids attatched with her’s.Kudos to such unque, extremely capable, unyielding mothers!
Widow mothers who don’t re-marry and selflessly commit their happiness, desires and wishes towards the sound upbringing of their children are remarkable too.Doing household chores, hectic jobs to earn a living,addressing the needs of their kids whether physical, mental or emotional, keeping social responsibilities and weaving together family ties is not a piece of cake.

Their are a few mothers, who adopt kids, from foster care, of mother’s who are deceased, orphans from within families, and also step kids and raise them as their own, with great compassion and love.Who says motherhood is a blood relation?A mothers orb of love is not unsubstantial or limited.She can encapsulate as many needy of love who desire to be encompassed by it.

Mothers who are raising their kids with chronic diseases and health issues are commendable.Going through pain each day,and not letting it spread around, rather radiating warmth and life is extra-ordinary, REAL compassion,letting go of our torment and melancholy for the happiness of our loved ones is not easy, hiding pain and gathering up strength to fight it each day is paramount.Bringing order in the lives of others, doing daily routine tasks to keep life smooth and running for the family is a magic,which only a mother knows.

Recent century has seen so many homemakers been sent away from homes into ‘Old Age Homes’ or ‘Retirement Homes’, and sometimes in ‘Nursing Homes’ too,especially those who are sick.Parents have been considered as ‘intervening privacy’, ‘hard to manage during illness’, ‘hindrance in social life’, ‘problems and embarrassment inviting friends over’ and sometimes ‘make us miserable’ is what we hear as excuses.What we forget is that it was us who made them miserable when we were little, we trialed their patience, made life tough for them, but they never uttered ill words, never considered us a problem, and instead of being thankful, for their perpetual parenting and motherhood, we reward them with loneliness, abandonment.We desert them and walk out  on them, those without whom we couldn’t walk.Their strong arms and hands caught us before we fell, they taught us how to walk, and we walkout on them.A sad spectacle indeed!Even after so much, they defend us, saying their kids were living in a different state, they had many complex hindrances in accommodating them in their houses, it was their own choice because they don’t wanna burden their kids…We can’t even thank them for a single night they spend staying awake for our comfort, and during our discomfort and sickness, and we in return to their explicit  affections, and undivided attention, give them anguish, disregard, Those who didn’t turn their backs towards us are being ignored and neglected.The caretakers of life, are being left on their own by life itself.

They don’t want to create inconvenience for us.Their age, health, relationship,concern and love demands and deserves respect, honor,    regard, tender embraces, lovable kisses, time, attention, importance.Motherly love is incomparable, but we can show them that they mean alot to us,we will never let them go through pain or suffering alone.Being parents and mothers, they will never feel like childless ever.We will hold onto their hands, just like they did during dentist visits or doctor checkups.We will give them utmost comfort and fond affection, which is what they deserve, infact quite insufficient to what they deserve.We need to cherish this heavenly love, and relationship God blessed us with.No job commitment, family problems, geographical constraints are valid enough to leave this commitment unfulfilled.Leave everything, because you may find it again, but a mother can never be reborn.Our priorities have changed from relationships, emotions, feelings,to entertainment, socializing, relaxation, money-making, luxury hunting.We can never honor life without honouring the personality responsible for bringing us to life, and those who don’t honor life, life never honors them.The eyes which we have been seeking in crowds to gain confidence and strength now seek our rumination.Don’t let them give up hope, don’t give them wounds in these later years of their lives which will never heal.Hold them tightly close to your hearts and whisper softly:”Mama, i salute you and all the mothers of the world!You make us proud, you are our pride, we exist in your existence, our breaths and heartbeats are yours, we can feel the longing within you, we are here, forever, we will never leave you.You are the sunlight, which nurtures us, has been nurturing us.Now…we will create ease in your lives…WE LOVE YOU”…..go ahead say it to your moms, they are the beauty of this world, don’t ruin it, enhance it, and treasure it!

And finally…the mother’s who have left us, just as they are sleeping peacefully in their last abodes, their love has made it’s eternal abode within us, around us, everywhere.We are proud to have been theirs, and proud having them our’s.Hang on moms, we will surely meet!

Mom – Metaphor for Compassion

Credits:Gabriella Fabbri

She held me close to her, hugged me and kissed me

She touched me gently and kissed my forehead

She carried me in her arms and did all the chores of the house

She kept me warm, and to do so woke up in chilly nights running barefoot fetching me milk

She called to me, whenever i was in the dark, cause she knew i’ll be afraid

She taught me with love, made my tiny to giant wishes possible

I saw her caressing my stresses whole night i was ill, staying awake keeping me in her lap

I grew up looking at her wet face in prayer, i felt the strength of her relationship with God

I asked her :Why you cry mama?, she said nothing…looking at me lovingly

I tested her patience, whenever i had a broken toy, she would always know how to fix it

She was in agony when i was hurt, strong when i had to take injections for my betterment

She caught me before i fell, and still didn’t let me develop the fear of falling

All the night i held tighty to her hand, and said:”You awake mama?” and in deep sleep she replied:”Yes dear, don’t worry, i am with you, now go back to sleep”.

All the while she was larger than life, she was my tooth fairy, my well-wisher, my angel in disguise

Her warm smile gave me confidence, her bright eyes looked upon me with pride

Her lovely face gave me courage to face the world, her presence my strength

Her stories at night taught me lessons, gave me imagination, made me dream

Her wise eyes sensed my feelings before they arised, thoughts before they were woven in words

She is my institution of morality, mannerism, conduct, life

She is my beacon of hope, knowledge, wisdom, experience

She is my gateway to life, she brought me here, I have lived my life through her guidance

She is a prism, who makes plain life full of colors, she is the guardian,who only lets good tidings come my way

Now i am walkinng in her footsteps of motherhood, and all the questions seemed to be answered one by one

The questions i asked her,’Why mama?Why are you unique, why do i love you more than the rest?’

Now, i know why, why she was different….cause she endured, she was a mother!

I try to be like her, but i know i can never be , she is the origin of a waterfall, and i am the stream which has collected all the water within, and now is transferring it into a river

Sometimes i think, what will happen the day water runs dry, how can a stream survive without the waterfall, how can she keep the river going

I dread that forbidden day, what is a shadow without it’s form?

And then i see, similar forms around me, similar shiny eyes, same loving grins, exactly same beaming faces

And then i realize…….all moms are alike!

Wherever they’ll be, God will always be kind to them

They nurture life, and plant it deep within us, they help it grow with their sunshine beaming smile and water of love

Their teachings, upbringing, love, and concern will always confine us

Protect us, allure us, their charisma will never fade……

They will stay forever within us, within life!!!


And To All The Mother’s Of The World….To All MY Mothers….

May we be able to take care of you the way you took care of us!We Love You!

Humane Holidays>>>>>Enjoy, connect and deliver!

Credits:Grant Myles-Era

Holidays and vacations are always a treat we all look forward to.Some are burdened by studies, while some are haunted by the 9 to 5 routines.We are usually unable to sneak in moments of relaxation, and enjoyment in this busy scheduled lives.And then, when we decide to take off from office for planning a trip with the family, or when or educational terms or semesters end, and we have an end of term break, or holidays, it seems like a breath of fresh air.Grandparents look forward to such a time of re-unions, kids wait for the enjoyment to begin, housewives wait to give a sigh of relief from household chores and to reconnect with the complete family.Life revitalizes our robotic and stoned bodies, and we are alive once again.

Credits:Sanja Gjenero

NEVER make them a bus-man’s holiday leisure,as ordinary as everyday!Make something special out of time, time which is scarce nowadays, and for ourselves there is none.Going on a tour, meeting new people, eating plentiful of what you enjoy, sleep as much as you want (just like me Smiling emoticon), laugh and smile to absorb life, show love and care to those whom you have ignored due to time constraints, plan hiking, picnics, dinners, reunions, watch movies, read books,listen to good music, cook, dance and sing….in short, fill each moment with an extraordinary gesture, action, event thought or emotion.Holidays take a long route coming back to us, make the maximum.

Credits:Billy Frank Alexander

Holidays have an added advantage besides enjoyment, relaxation and reunion – we enjoyed the liberty of being on our own for a while, taking out time to associate with our innerself, thinking about various aspects of life, solving problems left in the pipeline and planning.Our time is seldom spent on us, we are continuously tiring ourselves in the pursuit of our dreams and goals, but not for personal growth and stability spiritually.We need to spend a part of our off days thinking about where we are spiritually, setting our spiritual goals and devising ways to achieve them.

There is nothing wrong in fulfilling the household responsibilities these holidays.All those jobs that you lingered on can be easily completed, like unweeding your backyard, repairing faulty tap etc are great to start with.Better shed the unwanted burden of postponed chores, and then go on to enjoy holidays.

Credits:Jayanta Bahera

The holidays can become more productive, if we can help someone who needs us, like a friend who’s shifting and wants help in packing stuff, or a family member who is going through times of trouble and wants to vent out, or kids in the neighborhood whose baseball is stuck up on the tree and they are staring at it hopelessly, a homeless boy or girl on your street who could do with a little help in reading and writing, etc. We can plan community work in our vacations too, a park near your house which could look so much better if you seek help from the neighborhood and clean it up.We can also volunteer, many organizations and online websites list the volunteering oppourtunities within your reach according to your location.Hospitals, nursing homes and public libraries etc. often need volunteer work.Such minute gestures can take a little time of your life and bless others with a long-lasting comfort , convenience and happiness.Holidays are a good time to spread joy,only then our holidays will become joyful and peaceful,because compassion gives the inner peace.The amount of satisfaction it gives you is unmeasurable.

Credits:WKBN News

There is one such story i recall, reading online, about a young girl, hardly 12, called Hannah Emerson from Lordstown, Ohio.Since the last two years, she has been placing christmas trees on Speedcheck gas station near her residence in Ohio, with a cardboard box under the tree for donations.She has successfully been able to run her ‘Toy Drive’ and donated 178 toys in 2010 to ‘Make – A – Wish Foundation’.In year 2011, the toys donated were 376 – double.The toys she donates are given to kids who are in the process of achieving their wish.The foundation told her that their toy cupboard was bare,and so she decided to take up the responsibility to fill it.The toys she donated include remote controlled cars, dolls, planitariums, playing tea sets, stuffed toys, goggles, art & drawing materials etc… Hannah’s inspiration is her compassion, and her deceased cousin Tiffany.She had bone marrow cancer,and died before her wish was granted.


What an eye-opening and exhilerated real life story!I recall how i made use of time at the age of 12, and seriously, it embarasses me.And at the same time, it’s extremely over-whelming…In my early teens life was beginning exploration and the beauty and true meanings of life were slowly unfolding.Just at the start of teens, translation of life – just one word,fun!Never paid much attention to the much deeper meanings.That’s how it is, youth is more fascinated with the much colorful, enjoyable times in life,ready to take it day by day as it comes.There was just one thing that was most important of all the vacations – reunion with family,especially the cousins gang.We used to spend ample time together which went by in a jiffy.Watching movies,talking nonsense for hours, sipping tea on the balcony at nightwatching the stars and knitting beautiful dreams.Throwing jokes,teasing, being pranksters, that was enjoyment 100%.We took great pleasures in planning our vocations, doing shopping together, sharing stories, long drives, ice-cream sprees, chocoholics , there was so much to do and we always ran out of time.But volunteering, commuity work was seldom on the list.Our coming generations have more compassion compared to us and that makes me ecstatic.i am happy, that these generations are so sufficient in consideration and kindness.


Donations (Photo credit: Matthew Burpee)

We can also enourage our young ones during holidays to scan their toy collections for toys which are not needed,or to empty out their money banks to buy toys for those who need them.Special occasions are the best times to share goodness with others,cosidering it their right, not a favor.We can only teach kids benevolence and generosity by becoming generous and considerate. My son came home a few days back, he literally attacked the food on the table.I asked him whether he took the lunch i packed with him,and he said:”Mama a friend of mine did not bring lunch, so i shared mine with him.”Made me feel so good that he had realized the importance of others needs, and that to equally to his own.I feel kids nowadays are more of an inspiration for their adults, they are doing whats needed, and rectifying or trying to rectify the blunders we have commited.We have infact plundered, and they are contributing to the society, donating, volunteering, giving relief.


I have so much to learn from kids all around,they are expressive in compassion and care, they realize the true meaning of sharing and need,they have a heart of gold, and their acts of kindness are so pure and humble.The purity of their hearts and acts is what i crave for. Lets plan our next batch of break, as recreational fiesta, relaxation therapy, spa spree, wrapping up time for chores, organizing our lives, family get-togethers picnics and trips, as well as a productivity gala for donating,helping and volunteering.That is actually the best use of our spare time, there are many out there who need it, more than us.Let’s share our spare time with them!Shopping is not Holidays – those who have holidays coming up, enjoy value and share, and those whose next break is at a far, plan them wisely!