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Hello there Butterfingers!!!

‘I’m not clumsy, – I’m accident-prone!’   –   Daniel Radcliffe

Running down in a hurry, “BANG!….Gosh, forgot that the door was there!”, next in the room panting while making the bed”OUCH!….God this bed hurts!”, dashing in the kitchen with some veggies on the cutting board:”Eeeoooowwww……Where are the band-aids?”. It’s extremely blunderous on such days as well as quite a commotion.I hope at least some of you can relate to this experience, this post is for all you people out there – compassion for the clownish! For some,life is pretty much in control, sophisticated, just as they plan or want it to be and for some,it’s 180 degrees apart.Inept, erratic, awkward…….infact ‘Butterfingers, Klutz, Dolt or Dork’  the word they often use for some clumsy wumsy’s like ME!:)


‘If my life was a song the title would probably be ‘Clumsy’, ’cause I’m clumsy.’   –   Pia Toscano

So we’re odd, but why are we so clumsy anyways….giving it a deep thought i was revealed the following reasons for our misdemeanors:



* Sometimes it’s a physical condition which causes it (Dyspraxia, scoliosis, vertigo, diabeties causes clumsy feet), mostly it’s NOT!

‘Your physicality is this great thing, but it is also the thing that makes you clumsy and limits you in the world, so to speak.’   –   Amy Ray

*We are really poor at  managing time, which leads to mistakes.

*We are always in a hurry.

‘There have been times when I reread – or at least leafed through – something because I’d sent a copy to a friend, and what usually happened was that I noticed dozens and dozens of clumsy phrases I wished I could rewrite.’   –   Peter Straub

*We love taking stress and panic ALOT!

*Life will end if we don’t finish all our chores or deadlines today…

*We usually have our heads  in clouds.It’s habitual for us to think and work at the same time.

*Some are also day dreamers, or deep thinkers.

*We are bad at balance and posture.

No matter what, it all certainly makes us the laughing stock of the town, gives bruises and aches, and a feeling that we can never do anything right.What more, we have extra work load!Cleaning up the mess our clumsiness creates.But you know what, carrying the tradition since childhood, i have no problems whatsoever with being clumsy.After all, it’s not our fault. (Well, not all of it!) Look at the brighter side, we can join the circus clowns whenever we want, we can play JACK and JILL in any play, stumbling down the hill just like that, we have many wonderful characters to relate with like Frank Spencer (Some Mother’s do ‘ave ’em fame) or clumsy smurf, we could become wonderful comedians or mime performers.

‘When I was little, I wasn’t so little. I had a big old round belly and I was really clumsy, but I was super confident.’   –   Natalie Coughlin

Credits:Alvera Christofferse@Pinterest.com

Jokes apart, i have also devised a to – do – list for bringing about colossal changes in our weird life’s, where there’s too much of bumping  into things and falling:

*Be confident, even if you gain attention through your awkwardness..chill out!It happens once in a while to everyone, enjoythe comedy life has blessed you with!

*If you exhibit shyness, then you need to get rid of it!

*Remember:DON’T PANIC and DON’T FIDGET!(Reminds me of the line Richard Gere says to Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman’:”Stop fidgeting!’…wonderful movie!)

*Try to manage time in a good way with reminder alarms and sticky notes keeping up pace, so that you don’t have delays to cover all over with usual klutziness…..MAKE IT SNAPPY!

*Take a trip to the doctor’s if any of your medical conditions are making you clumsy.

*Avoid stress, think of something else avoiding thinking things that give you stress.Switch on tv while you work, or whistle a tune!

*Life will certainly keep on going but we can kill ourselves in trying keeping up with our loads of work, especially if we are lagging behind.Leave some work for tomorrow, take a deep breath, and avoid ruining all that you have done already!

Credits:Stephanie Probandt@Pinterest.com

*Thoughts and dreams aside!FOCUS!

*Don’t try too hard to avoid blunders, cause in my personal experience the more we avoid trouble, the more it is invited because we start to get nervous.Infront of a crowd, if i try to walk carefully with heals on(I am ACTUALLY really bad with high heals!) –  I ALWAYS FAIL DUE TO THE AUDIENCE CONTINUOUSLY GAZING AT ME!

*Make your house hassle-free, get rid of anything breakable in your house…glasses and vases etc, always wear safety gear helmets etc.

*Face this world with a beautiful smile which says:”I am unique, i dare you can’t be as clumsy as me!” 🙂

In the end, i vow to TRY not to be as clumsy as i usually am, so that the clumsy community is proud of me………YIKES!Ooops, Did it again!Somethings can never change!

Repent – Show empathy, to YOURSELF!

“Everyone goes astray, but the least imprudent are they who repent the soonest”.    Voltaire 

It’s a common practice, many of us live in a pretense world – meaning we hate judging us ourselves, we consider us a superior human,or super human,who can never commit sins or mistakes, especially when others try to make us realize it.Maybe i am one of you guys also.Whenever we are alone, our conscience troubles us with a huge doze of realizations of our capacity to err,and how and when we have taken advantage of it.But believe me gals and guyz, its an indicator of our conscience – that it’s there and alive too!
But this is not enough….we cannot ignore our problem.First of all, to err is human, so don’t be too harsh on yourselves.Secondly, we can carry on in life with a better pace, and with less – heavier hearts and less-stressed brains if we learn to face our setbacks, and rectify our mistakes at the proper time.I know it is tough, gives ur ego a big demotion too, but for long-term satisfaction,it is extremely essential.

Credits:Asif Akbar

An important factor is our false pride.We are boasting everytime everywhere of how fantabulous we are!It develops added social pressures on us in accepting it when we are wrong.We start to enjoy hiding ourselves behind somebody who we really are not.
First of all, we need to stand infront of the mirror, and reiterate to personal selves that this is what we are, and it’s perfectly ok.Once we accept it, and start believing in the new us, next it’s time to say a very precious but difficult word, “Sorry!”
The one who deserves our repent before anyone else, is the Creator Himself.We take everything in this world, and whatever we are blessed with for granted.We consider losing morality once in a while as not a big deal.Morals come from our faith,our societies, and cultures, above all they come from and are made for humanity.Therefore we surpass all, and become rebels considering it our right and thinking we’re really cool.Repent, is not an easy thing, but if we ask for forgiveness from the depths of our hearts, we feel light.

Repent is extremely easy as compared to guilt, and guilt is what we bear until we repent.If we can ever imagine how painful,nerve wreckening guilt is, we will never commit mistakes to acquire it.It’s easier to bear the cries of the devil inside of us, then to face the remorse.Like George Crabbe phrased beautifully:

“To sigh, yet not recede; to grieve, yet not repent”.       George Crabbe

Let us stop being devoid of realisation, let’s make a fresh start today, by trying to repent, from the core of our hearts, we’ll emerge more relieved, positive, and pure.It’s never to late….

                  Repent   by   LETSSPREADCOMPASSION

Tormented, with all hopes lost
Wailing and accepting defeat
Turn around, stands sorrow
Dark, twining way infront
No one to hold or console
Scorching heat, no shade in sight
No dreams, fears…..only pain
Crossing all barriers of strength
A pure tear of repent rolls down
Falls on the rugged, barren ground
A gust of cool breeze falls from the sky
Gives rise to life within the dead earth
Light fills the sky and the surroundings
Vanishes the woes, buds joy
The destination is visible, path clear
The devine help guides and gives strength
With purity within, no burdens on the heart
The soul embarks on a new journey again
A teardrop vanished the agony
A footstep seeded hope
Countless lie strugling
With a drop of repent!