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>>>Three Cheers For The Blood Donors>>>


“I’ve been involved with blood donation since the 1980s because there is a critical need”.   –   Donna Reed

Recently a family member has met a great medical catastrophe, therefore i was away from blogging for a while.This experience has moved me emotionally, spiritually and also conceptually.The way we conceive things in life changes all of a sudden when a sudden mishap occurs, when things start going wrong we realize that life is a complex puzzle, which we till recent had thought to have solved, and which circumstances have proved wrong.In the spur of a moment, life results into something new, we are at times thoughtless, we donate more time to thinking and stressing over less prioritized petty little issues, and suddenly we wake from slumber just to realize that our epicenter was somewhere else…it’s all about life, and how complex it is.It’s life itself we are here to crave for, and to understand, realize it’s worth, and to make it useful.


Unfortunately, we only seem to realize it after helplessness, sorrow, pain and downfalls.The medical condition a loved one had to go through made me realize how much strength she possesses and how much i lack.I approved the fact that pain is an integral part of survival.Made me envision that love is a quick healer, and develops the will to come back for sure after you doze off under the effect of anesthesia.I also understood that the fear of losing life actually is the biggest hurdle in the way of life.Once we do not fear losing it,we definitely stay on the path and achieve life!But, it is a pitfall, a bobby trap, once we fall in it, the escape is a tough one on our own.Made me think that life is gone in a jiffy, but you have no regrets if you led it and didn’t spend it.I can say that i was able to recognize to some extend the true worth of life, and i finally declared that NOTHING is larger than life!


But today i wanted to talk about something that struck me straight though the heart……she was transplanted without ANY exaggeration around 90 to 100 bottles of blood!I was shedding tears for the love, generosity and care of those unknown, unsung heroes, who had later sometime before donated their blood in the blood banks.And i gave a glance of admiration to the guests of honor, who had literally considered them honor-bound to come down at the hospital in less than half an hour to donate blood to someone they didn’t even knew…I used to think that sharing our breaths and heartbeats is impossible,but by donating their blood, they kind of connected to the person to share with them the life that runs in their veins!WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED IF WE HAD TO GATHER 100 BOTTLES OF BLOOD WITHIN HALF AN HOUR???I only had prayers in reply to their act of goodwill….


On 14 June, the world celebrates ‘World Blood Donor Day’.The theme for the day is “Every blood donor is a hero” – now i definitely am compelled to agree without a doubt!92 billion donation are collected every year, 45% of donors are aged under 25 (HURRAH YOUTH, YOU ARE OUR PRIDE!), and 40% of donor population in around 25 countries are WOMEN!:)


Those of us who have ailments can volunteer to help in collection of blood from areas, or transplantation of blood in remote areas.We can help blood banks with blood drives dirorganized in our communities, schools, universities, neighborhood.Awareness about how by doing less we can achieve so much through blood donation needs to be spread around.Those who are healthy are carrying around with them life within them worthy to share with those who need it, and those who need it desperately, infact their need is greater than ours, and we only need to give a bottle full to save them!


Donors can be of three kinds:Directed donor donates to a specific person, family or friend.Replacement donor replace the blood transfused to patients in blood banks to keep the blood supply stable.Platelet donor donate platelets to patients with severe diseases whose blood coagulation is not functioning well.

Those suffering from Trypanophobia or fear of needle, i only wanna say one thing – I fully understand your fear, but what if you are met with circumstances when your body is injected with cannulas, needles, injections, what if God forbid you met an accident?What if you were in their shoes???


Nothing is as precious as life.Without life, nothing exists,with life everything IS.Life is precious, because it is given for a certain purpose, it is mortal, and also because it is valuable for many other lives who depend upon it.Life is also precious because it was blessed, entrusted upon us to take care of, lead wisely, purposefully, for helping other in need of support, sharing and caring.

“The measure of a life is not its duration, but its donation.”   –   Peter Marshall

Humane Holidays>>>>>Enjoy, connect and deliver!

Credits:Grant Myles-Era

Holidays and vacations are always a treat we all look forward to.Some are burdened by studies, while some are haunted by the 9 to 5 routines.We are usually unable to sneak in moments of relaxation, and enjoyment in this busy scheduled lives.And then, when we decide to take off from office for planning a trip with the family, or when or educational terms or semesters end, and we have an end of term break, or holidays, it seems like a breath of fresh air.Grandparents look forward to such a time of re-unions, kids wait for the enjoyment to begin, housewives wait to give a sigh of relief from household chores and to reconnect with the complete family.Life revitalizes our robotic and stoned bodies, and we are alive once again.

Credits:Sanja Gjenero

NEVER make them a bus-man’s holiday leisure,as ordinary as everyday!Make something special out of time, time which is scarce nowadays, and for ourselves there is none.Going on a tour, meeting new people, eating plentiful of what you enjoy, sleep as much as you want (just like me Smiling emoticon), laugh and smile to absorb life, show love and care to those whom you have ignored due to time constraints, plan hiking, picnics, dinners, reunions, watch movies, read books,listen to good music, cook, dance and sing….in short, fill each moment with an extraordinary gesture, action, event thought or emotion.Holidays take a long route coming back to us, make the maximum.

Credits:Billy Frank Alexander

Holidays have an added advantage besides enjoyment, relaxation and reunion – we enjoyed the liberty of being on our own for a while, taking out time to associate with our innerself, thinking about various aspects of life, solving problems left in the pipeline and planning.Our time is seldom spent on us, we are continuously tiring ourselves in the pursuit of our dreams and goals, but not for personal growth and stability spiritually.We need to spend a part of our off days thinking about where we are spiritually, setting our spiritual goals and devising ways to achieve them.

There is nothing wrong in fulfilling the household responsibilities these holidays.All those jobs that you lingered on can be easily completed, like unweeding your backyard, repairing faulty tap etc are great to start with.Better shed the unwanted burden of postponed chores, and then go on to enjoy holidays.

Credits:Jayanta Bahera

The holidays can become more productive, if we can help someone who needs us, like a friend who’s shifting and wants help in packing stuff, or a family member who is going through times of trouble and wants to vent out, or kids in the neighborhood whose baseball is stuck up on the tree and they are staring at it hopelessly, a homeless boy or girl on your street who could do with a little help in reading and writing, etc. We can plan community work in our vacations too, a park near your house which could look so much better if you seek help from the neighborhood and clean it up.We can also volunteer, many organizations and online websites list the volunteering oppourtunities within your reach according to your location.Hospitals, nursing homes and public libraries etc. often need volunteer work.Such minute gestures can take a little time of your life and bless others with a long-lasting comfort , convenience and happiness.Holidays are a good time to spread joy,only then our holidays will become joyful and peaceful,because compassion gives the inner peace.The amount of satisfaction it gives you is unmeasurable.

Credits:WKBN News

There is one such story i recall, reading online, about a young girl, hardly 12, called Hannah Emerson from Lordstown, Ohio.Since the last two years, she has been placing christmas trees on Speedcheck gas station near her residence in Ohio, with a cardboard box under the tree for donations.She has successfully been able to run her ‘Toy Drive’ and donated 178 toys in 2010 to ‘Make – A – Wish Foundation’.In year 2011, the toys donated were 376 – double.The toys she donates are given to kids who are in the process of achieving their wish.The foundation told her that their toy cupboard was bare,and so she decided to take up the responsibility to fill it.The toys she donated include remote controlled cars, dolls, planitariums, playing tea sets, stuffed toys, goggles, art & drawing materials etc… Hannah’s inspiration is her compassion, and her deceased cousin Tiffany.She had bone marrow cancer,and died before her wish was granted.


What an eye-opening and exhilerated real life story!I recall how i made use of time at the age of 12, and seriously, it embarasses me.And at the same time, it’s extremely over-whelming…In my early teens life was beginning exploration and the beauty and true meanings of life were slowly unfolding.Just at the start of teens, translation of life – just one word,fun!Never paid much attention to the much deeper meanings.That’s how it is, youth is more fascinated with the much colorful, enjoyable times in life,ready to take it day by day as it comes.There was just one thing that was most important of all the vacations – reunion with family,especially the cousins gang.We used to spend ample time together which went by in a jiffy.Watching movies,talking nonsense for hours, sipping tea on the balcony at nightwatching the stars and knitting beautiful dreams.Throwing jokes,teasing, being pranksters, that was enjoyment 100%.We took great pleasures in planning our vocations, doing shopping together, sharing stories, long drives, ice-cream sprees, chocoholics , there was so much to do and we always ran out of time.But volunteering, commuity work was seldom on the list.Our coming generations have more compassion compared to us and that makes me ecstatic.i am happy, that these generations are so sufficient in consideration and kindness.


Donations (Photo credit: Matthew Burpee)

We can also enourage our young ones during holidays to scan their toy collections for toys which are not needed,or to empty out their money banks to buy toys for those who need them.Special occasions are the best times to share goodness with others,cosidering it their right, not a favor.We can only teach kids benevolence and generosity by becoming generous and considerate. My son came home a few days back, he literally attacked the food on the table.I asked him whether he took the lunch i packed with him,and he said:”Mama a friend of mine did not bring lunch, so i shared mine with him.”Made me feel so good that he had realized the importance of others needs, and that to equally to his own.I feel kids nowadays are more of an inspiration for their adults, they are doing whats needed, and rectifying or trying to rectify the blunders we have commited.We have infact plundered, and they are contributing to the society, donating, volunteering, giving relief.


I have so much to learn from kids all around,they are expressive in compassion and care, they realize the true meaning of sharing and need,they have a heart of gold, and their acts of kindness are so pure and humble.The purity of their hearts and acts is what i crave for. Lets plan our next batch of break, as recreational fiesta, relaxation therapy, spa spree, wrapping up time for chores, organizing our lives, family get-togethers picnics and trips, as well as a productivity gala for donating,helping and volunteering.That is actually the best use of our spare time, there are many out there who need it, more than us.Let’s share our spare time with them!Shopping is not Holidays – those who have holidays coming up, enjoy value and share, and those whose next break is at a far, plan them wisely!